Graduation Ceremony 2023


GCC Board Directors Institute (GCC BDI), a not-for-profit organisation that guides board directors of organisations in acquiring the know-how and tools to reach and sustain effective corporate governance, in collaboration with The Financial Academy in Saudi Arabia, are proud to announce the award of certificates to 35 new graduates of its GCC BDI Certificate and Diploma in Board Directorship and Board Secretary Certification Programmes.

This is the third cohort of graduates to be awarded certifications in the board directorship and board secretary programmes. The graduation ceremony took place at the Movenpick Hotel & Residences in Riyadh and the keynote address was delivered by Eng. Khalid Abdullah Alhussan, Board Member & Chief Executive Officer, Saudi Tadawul Group in KSA. Additional speakers at the event included Mana Alkhamsan, CEO of The Financial Academy, John Gollifer, CEO of GCC BDI, Steffen Schubert, Chair of the GCC BDI Education Committee, and Bassam Asiri, Controller, Saudi Aramco and Governor of GCC BDI.

Commenting on the ceremony, John Gollifer said: In the dynamic realm of business, the focus has shifted towards continuous professional development, particularly in leadership positions like board directors and board secretaries. The evolving landscape demands heightened agility, emphasising the critical importance of upskilling and staying current. Each accomplished graduate has undergone assessments aligned with the programme requirements and international standards."


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 Graduation Ceremony - Video Opener

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 Graduation Photo Parade

Graduation Ceremony Highlights 2023


Press Release:

23 November 2023

GCC BDI and The Financial Academy award certifications to 35 new graduates from its Board Director and Board Secretary programmes