Thank you for organizing the webinar on Directors’ Duties and Liabilities. It was highly informative and well-structured - one of the better webinars I have attended.
Johan Brand
Managing Director, Johan Brand Leadership Advisory DWC-LLC (‘JBLA’)
I attended the first foundations workshop when BDI was initially established and I subsequently delivered a BDI workshop session when I was with PwC. BDI is one of the best Corporate Governance workshops in the GCC region, if not the best.
Walid Shukri
Member of the Board & Committees,
As a life-long learner, I strongly believe in the importance of continuously acquiring knowledge from any source. The two BDI programs (FOD & MTB) were very relevant to my current role as a director. I have enjoyed, and learned from, the presented material, the discussions and the challenging group exercises. But equally useful and enjoyable were networking opportunities with other distinguished people attending the workshops with different backgrounds/ expertise, and from different industries and countries; I have learned from them and made new friends. In summary, it was certainly worthwhile for me taking part in these two excellent BDI programs.
Prof. Ibrahim A. Kadi
Director, Saudi Telecom Company
The program (Foundations of Directorship) was a great platform to re-emphasise the importance of the role of the board in any business, and to examine its scope from each of an oversight and support perspective. The program was also a great networking opportunity, presenting very valuable insights into cultural nuances in policy and practice.
Tariq Bin Hendi,
CEO, Emirates NBD Asset Management
The topics covered in the program (Foundations of Directorship) were a great refresher. Furthermore the workshop allowed me to network and learn about corporate governance practices in different organization such as governmental, public and private institutions in different industries.
Eyad Al Ramlawi
Chief Financial Officer, Alturki Group
I enjoyed the exchange of valuable experience and best practices with other company board members. I was able to improve my understanding of Board structure and composition. Finally, the workshop opened my eyes to the importance of Corporate Governance.
Ibrahim Al-Jassim
VP HR & SS, Ma’aden Aluminum
The (Foundations of Directorship) Workshop was a great opportunity to understand how to create and sustain good corporate governance, networking and engagement of all participants and presenters was excellent. The blend among lectures, group discussion and interaction was very rich and beneficiary to all participants.
Mohammad Al-Wakeel
Vice President Investments, Saudi Basic Industries Corporation
The Mastering the Boardroom workshop was generally an excellent opportunity for me to learn new concepts, correct some of my previous misconceptions and reassured some of the old learning points. In particular, learning more about the role of a Chairman was key for me. Understanding the role of a chairman is key not only for chairmen to create the right environment for board discussions but also for board members to understand how to properly engage themselves with the board and chairman.
Omar Najjar
Executive Vice President, Downstream Business Unit TASNEE
By focusing on BOD behaviors and learn the type of skills he or she needs to ensure proper and effective relationships and communication among the BOD members. Utilize the GCC networking to share our views /experience which I found very effective during the workshop.
Zakareya Buallay
Board Secretary, Seef Properties Co.
The (Foundations of Directorship) workshop gave a good overview of the Directors’ roles, duties and effective behaviors in the Board and the roles and effective characteristics of individual Board members, such as the Chairman and the Board Secretary. It was also an excellent and pleasant opportunity to meet fellow-Board members and exchange experience and ideas.
Director, Saudi Petrochemical Company’s (SADAF) & VHCP’s boards
I believe the Foundations of Directorship Workshop really delivered on its claim as it provides a wonderful background and foundation for any director. In fact, I would love for it to be mandated for every director and especially those sitting on boards of publicly listed companies. The workshop helped me understand better the role of a board in relation to management and also the importance of the role of the Board Secretary in driving performance of the chairman and other directors individually and as a team.
Rami Khalid Alturki
President & Chief Executive Officer, Khalid Ali Alturki & Sons (Alturki)
The Foundations of Directorship Workshop a) Enriched my knowledge on what board should efficiently and effectively do to meet stakeholders’ expectations on business development, and protection of their rights. b) Enriched my knowledge on corporate governance c) Gave me more insights on board evaluation and board effectiveness. d) It adds very much to my experience in coaching and facilitating workshops.
Dr. Abdelmoneim Ali Gasmelseed
Chief Business Development Officer, Tabuk Agricultural Development Company (TADCO)
The Mastering the Boardroom workshop was extremely insightful. It did not only emphasize again the multiple roles and responsibilities of a board director, but also helped me understand the intricacies of Board composition and the dynamics in the Boardroom. As a result, I expect to be able to drive the Boards I am part of to even higher levels of performance, and to contribute to good corporate governance.
Dr. Christian Gunther
Executive Vice President, Strategy and Growth, TASNEE
The workshop (Foundations of Directorship) was very beneficial in many aspects. It highlights clearly the expectation of board members in their role, it shows the required level of engagement in the board, the importance elements needed as part of corporate governance. The workshop also highlighted the level of liability the board members have as part of their role, as well as the factors that need to be focused on during board meetings and engagement. The workshop as well gave us a great opportunity to meet regional board members in multiple business across the GCC countries and allowed us to exchange experiences and knowledge in a very open and healthy forum.
Bassam Asiri
Manager - Planning & Performance, Saudi Aramco
The Workshop (Foundations of Directorship) raised awareness of duties and responsibilities and the associated challenges.
Arzu Williams
Senior Compliance Manager, Capital Advantage Consultants