Our Services

Our Services


GCC BDI has a wide variety of experience of supporting companies across the GCC, from private to public, listed to unlisted and government to family entities. We offer a comprehensive programme, you can see further details below.

Please see below for just a few highlight examples of some of our recent work.

  • Putting in place the Delegation of Authority for a large bank
  • Designing a corporate governance scorecard for a government body to manage the governance, risk and compliance aspects of the entities it oversees     
  • Undertaking a full external board evaluation for a telecom company and several banks       
  • Helping a financial service company put in place its own board evaluation process 
  • Designing a risk framework and risk policy for a government owned entity
  • Designing a corporate governance framework for a family holding group
  • Drafting the corporate governance library of key charters and policies for a large private company in preparation for an IPO.
  • Designing a Board Induction programme for a government entity and for a financial services company
  • Running a Corporate Governance Forum for the top clients of an investment company
  • Organising a Family Governance Forum for a large Chamber of Commerce

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, email us at getinvolved@gccbdi.org if you are interested in learning more about our experience. 

Board Evaluations
Improving the effectiveness of the board is a priority for leading organisations everywhere and is of particular importance when it comes to assessing the effectiveness and strategy of a board and…
Assessments and Scorecards
GCC BDI has a team of local, regional and international consultants who can help you in assessing your existing corporate governance procedures and instituting new ones, where appropriate.
Tailored Workshops
We offer workshops which are tailored to each company and/or board’s individual needs
Project Work
GCC BDI can provide information and guidance on corporate governance and board issues.
Board Opportunities
Looking for a cost-effective way to advertise Board vacancies at your company?
Online Board Services
GCC BDI can help you with our on-line and remote services