Developing Directors

A key part of our mission is to build better director and board capabilities. We do that at GCC BDI by sharing best board practices and effective corporate governance, in order to raise the level of board effectiveness in the GCC. 

We focus on developing the core skills of board directors and those who interact with the board, such as board secretaries and senior C-suite executives. 


We run a large number of open enrolment and tailored in-house workshops in order to facilitate this. 

The topics evolve depending on global trends, but include:

Latest trends and best practices in corporate governance

Director duties and liabilitiesManaging conflicts of interest and related party transactions

Business ethics and corporate culture

Structured succession planningThe future fit director
The effective board secretaryIT governance and cyber security

Anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing

Finance for non-Finance Directors

Corporate financeRisk management

Strategy and scenario planning

Corporate regulatory frameworksCorporate governance assessments

Sustainability and integrated reporting

Shareholder engagementReporting to the board

Foundations of Directorship

The future boardFamily Governance

Getting the best out of Board Committees

How to be an effective chairmanFuture trends and strategic thinking



We carefully select participants to maintain regional and industry balance within each workshop and to enrich the learning experience for all attendees. Interested board directors and C-suit executives must meet the following criteria to be accepted in all our workshops:

  • Holds the post of director or senior executive for a minimum of three years and has been in business for a minimum of seven years
  • Director responsible for the strategic direction in the following types of organisation:
    • Not-for-profit organization with proven track record
    • Publicly listed-companies with market capitalization above $300 million
    • Government-owned with revenues above $300 million
    • Privately-owned companies with market revenues above $300 million
  • Commitment: full availability and presence during the workshop
  • Fluent in English


Each workshop or module is self-contained and is eligible for Continuing Professional Development Points (CPD). Each participant will receive an attendance certificate after completion of the workshop.

GCC BDI Framework for Board Effectiveness

Our workshops are based upon the proprietary GCC BDI Framework for Board Effectiveness, developed in association with McKinsey.



Every module is designed to:

  • Motivate: stimulate the thinking of each participant through various training techniques
  • Inform: present the material in a clear and concise way
  • Strategise: create discussion and feedback through case studies and self-assessments to allow each participant space to import the learning into their own environment
  • Apply: each session will include an action ideas sheet for participants to populate and take back to their enterprise, providing the chance to identify any barriers or red flags to importing the learning

The workshops are designed to be highly interactive through the use of icebreakers, discussion groups, case studies, film and media and interactive assessments at the appropriate level.



For each workshop, we draw on the expertise and knowledge of a wide range of faculty – local, regional and international – including our Content Partners: McKinsey & Company, PwC, Heidrick & Struggles and Allen & Overy.

In each case, we assemble the best team of faculty to meet the workshops objectives. Our faculty have wide experience in the Middle East, Europe, North America and Asia and offer deep expertise in a broad range of relevant topics and business activities.

For more information on individual faculty members, please click here.