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GCC BDI is proud to have over 3700 board directors and senior C-suite executives from across the GCC as our members, each with extensive experience of operating at the highest levels of business.

How to become a GCC BDI member

1.      The first step you need to take to join us is by attending either a full-day or 2-days GCC BDI workshop. After you attend one of our workshops, you will automatically become an Associate at no extra cost.

2.      Once you become an Associate, you may then apply to become a full Member. This a more advanced membership category with further & exclusive membership benefits.

3.      The Fellow membership is by invitation only. However, if you wish to be considered for our senior membership category, please contact the membership team at membership@gccbdi.com

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Membership Testimonials

I've been a chartered director and fellow of the UK Institute of Directors since 2016. Today I am happy to announce my additional affiliation as fellow to the GCC Board Director Institute. Each one brings a bundle of benefits and unmatched learning and networking experience. GCC BDI is growing now to a regional powerhouse with strong brand association to a large regional and global corporate base. The institute has a great board and executive team, Jane Valls CSK has been the executive director since 2016 and I think she's doing a wonderful job! Please have a read here and consider enrolling as member or fellow, the qualifying criteria all listed.The main driver for being associated is to help the institute promote the highest professional standards of corporate governance and professional directorship. GCC BDI is on a mission to strengthen corporate governance in the GCC region through capability building, advocacy and promotion of sound governance practices.
Alaa Alhashem,
Chartered Director, Member of the Board & Committees
A few years ago I have made a conscious career change of becoming a full time (independent) non-executive board director with a select group of organisations in the Middle East. Therefore, it is crucial for me to be able to connect with a wider audience at board level in the GCC region. As such, I appreciate the possibilities of having access to the board opportunities advertised via the Board Opportunity/Directors’ Register, as well as the online and traditional networking events. I also see significant value in joining study trips which can provide unique learning experiences to understand new markets and regulatory environments. Last, but not least, the GNDI Global Passport is a great step forward in connecting the GCC BDI and its members to the wider community of board directors in other parts of the world. GCC BDI membership is helping me to further develop as a board member via its regular webinars presented by top-notch speakers, as well as its professionally structured and personalised mentorship programme. In my view GCC BDI offers a solid value proposition, with a host of tangible membership benefits. Considering that GCC BDI was founded by a select group of first tier companies in the GCC, supported by top quality advisory firms in the HR and strategic organisational fields, underpins the solid professional foundation of this ambitious initiative. In the meantime, the GCC BDI has become highly respected among the international community and the only institute of directors in the GCC to have been admitted as a member of the prestigious Global Network of Director Institutes. As a member of GCC BDI, you are a part of this exclusive group of select individuals.
Giel-Jan Van Der Tol
GCC BDI Member
Enrolling for GCC BDI membership enhanced my understanding of corporate governance as well as board roles and responsibilities. The membership provided me with access to exclusive and insightful content via its carefully selected tutorials and workshops. Furthermore, I believe the organized networking events and the facilitation of interesting board placements offers members with a compelling value proposition. I would recommend GCC BDI membership to others as it offers its members numerous benefits, and I believe these benefits outweigh by far the cost associated with the membership.
Faisal Aljasir
GCC BDI Member
The program (Foundations of Directorship) was a great platform to re-emphasise the importance of the role of the board in any business, and to examine its scope from each of an oversight and support perspective. The program was also a great networking opportunity, presenting very valuable insights into cultural nuances in policy and practice.
Tariq Bin Hendi,
CEO, Emirates NBD Asset Management.

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VP - Joint Ventures Affairs, SABIC
Board Secretary, ACWA Power
VP - Industrial & Infrastructure Investments, Al Muhaidib