Diploma Award Graduates



GCC BDI is very proud of its Diploma Award graduates. These individuals have completed the GCC BDI Diploma in Board Directorship and can use the designation Dip.Dir. They have demonstrated an internationally accepted level of application of knowledge and skills as it pertains to board performance. A Director with an award of Diploma in Board Directorship is equipped to make a valuable contribution to any Board.

See the list of directors who have received their Diploma Award and their testimonials below:

Testimonial from our Diploma graduates

It was an obvious and natural decision to pursue the Diploma in Board Directorship and build upon the skills and mindset instilled through GCC BDI's Certificate-level program. The experience was intense and further challenged and expanded my perception of effective corporate boards and collective, future-focused leadership. It also raised my own personal bar on how to be a critical strategic resource who enhances and sustains long-term stakeholder value as well as work more productively with management teams and other directors. Very importantly, I enjoyed the highly personalized interactions with faculty and fellow participants. I look forward to joining the final Charter-Level program.
Samer S. Al-Solh
Chief Investment Officer, Bahamdan Group
I was recently awarded the diploma in board directorship in early January 2022. I am pleased to share my remarkable experience that might be useful for whoever may be interested in developing their skills and advancing their knowledge and experience in the board of directors’ activities and operations. I found the diploma to be an interesting experience for primarily the following reasons:
1. It’s divided into a comprehensive mix between courses, a group project and an individual case presentation.
2. Both the group project and the individual case presentation represented a real case and were examined by a well-respected expert, providing a safe environment to gain useful feedback that benefits the candidate and strengthens their capabilities as a director.
3. The formal and the informal networking discussions among participants and the instructors included sharing a variety of interesting board areas. I found this to be a useful source to explore the participants knowledge in various areas and sectors.
The beauty of the program is that as far as I know it is the only program that is designed for the GCC and most of the cases used are real ones from the area, so its highly fit for existing or potential GCC directors. In summary, the diploma is a well-structured program that enables participants to learn how he or she can be a useful board member, based on a proven learning track record that combines leading practices in the board operations and corporate governance fields.
Waiel Saad Al.Rashid

Here is a list of Directors who have received the Diploma Award:

Abdulaziz Al Afaleq

Adel Mallawi

Ahmed AlNuman

Amjad Ali

Aziz Algahtani

Dr. Waddah Al Hashmi

Dr. Waiel Al Rashid

Ehsan Makhdoum

Khaled Sifri

Marwan Kadi

Saleh Alkatheer

Samer Solh

Scott McGuigan

Sultan Joudieh