Certification Programmes

A key part of our mission is to build better director and board capabilities. We do that at GCC BDI by sharing best board practices and effective corporate governance, in order to raise the level of board effectiveness in the GCC.

The GCC BDI Director & Secretary Development Programme provides a structured road map for professional development tailored for GCC directors & secretaries.


Please see below all our certification programmes:

Certificate in Board Directorship
The Certificate in Board Directorship means that a director has demonstrated an internationally accepted level of understanding of corporate governance, the role of the board and the director,…
Diploma in Board Directorship
A director that has attained the award of Diploma in Board Directorship, is equipped to make a valuable contribution to any board based upon increased knowledge and confidence.
Chartered Director
Achieving the award of Chartered Director, means that a director has demonstrated the leadership skills to execute change within their organisation. A director with an award of Chartered Director is…
Certified Board Secretary
This programme will help the board secretary to act as a bridge for information, communication, advice, and arbitration between the board and management and between the organisation and its…