Strategy & Scenario Planning

Online Board & Executive Strategy Sessions

A high-level virtual strategic conversation to build scenarios and set strategic direction for your organisation.

GCC BDI is offering live online strategy and scenario planning tutorials on any of the following topics for in-house groups.

Mindofafox is a team of highly-experienced specialists in the use of scenarios in strategy. It has worked with businesses, organisations, governments, and supranational bodies around the world, across almost every sector. It has now adapted its one- and two-day strategic conversation sessions into a virtual offering. This facilitated, interactive process runs across three two-hour sessions, through the Mindofafox methodology, and culminates in the production of a strategy document based on the conversation. This process can then be cascaded throughout the organisation, capacitating the leadership team’s dynamic strategic thinking.

Mindofafox are kindly offering GCC BDI members a special discounted rate of USD 10,000 (exclusive of any applicable taxes such as VAT) for this programme.

For more information, please contact or call +971 4554 7967.

Sessions                                           Description                                    Hours                                                  Outcomes 

1. Define your current context
2. Elucidate your scope
3. Identify the key players

  2 Clearly defines your current environment, and the broader forces shaping it. Articulate the scope of your focus and identify the key players that may have an influence on you.

4. Establish the rules of the game (certainties)
5. Identify the  key uncertainties

  2                                   Distinguish between those things you can count on in the future, which are important, but unpredictable.
 3 Scenarios
6. Build a set of scenarios from the key uncertainties, and identify flags                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
  2 Synthesise the information from the first session into a set of scenarios you can use to anticipate change in the future, and manage the surrounding uncertainty.

7. Establish your ethical compass
8. Define your available options
9. Weigh up your decisions

  2 Situate your organisation’s place within each possible scenario, and relate these plausible futures to the key strategic decisions that need to be made in the current context, or in the near future.

10. Clearly articulate your meaning of winning


  2 Articulate what success looks like for your organisation in the future, incorporating the uncertainty of the different possible scenarios that may materialise.

About the Facilitator


Chantell Ilbury

Chantell is a scenario strategist, facilitator, speaker, best-selling business author, and co-founder of scenario strategy partnership Mindofafox. She is one of the few specialists in the world on the use of scenarios in strategy, and, consequently, guides the strategic conversations of executive teams across diverse sectors.

Over the last 20 years her work has taken her as far afield as the UK, Ireland, the US, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Ukraine, Australia, Jamaica, Kuwait, Singapore, India, Mauritius, Réunion, as well as right throughout Africa.

Chantell holds a BSc in Chemistry, a post-graduate Higher Diploma in Education, an Executive MBA from the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business, and has studied Strategic Negotiation through Harvard Business School in Boston. It was at UCT where she first met Anglo American’s Clem Sunter and shared her ideas on scenario planning that led to the writing of their best-selling books The Mind of a Fox, Games Foxes Play and Socrates and the Fox. The three books were re-published together as The Fox Trilogy in 2011.

Chantell is also the co-founder of Growing Foxes, the education and training technology arm of Mindofafox; and has been a guest lecturer on strategy and scenario planning at a number of top business schools.


For more information, please contact or call +971 4554 7967