Study Trips

About the Study Trips

Study Trips provide members with a unique learning experience.

Study trips are intended to explore new business opportunities and to raise awareness of key considerations when entering new markets. They are also opportunities to network with board directors in other countries. Members who sit on boards of subsidiary or JV companies in other countries will also benefit from learning more about the local regulatory framework and business environment.

How does it work?

As part of the study trip to a specific country or city, Members and Fellows will be invited to take part in a series of activities and meetings - educational sessions with industry leaders, cultural experiences, and networking events - organised by GCC BDI with international organisations and institutions to broaden their understanding and enhance their learning.

GCC BDI members will have direct access to global experts who can give more insights into relevant topics, laws and regulations when considering business in that market.

Some study trips may be virtual and organised online. Others may include travel to the specific destination.

What is the outcome of a study trip?

  • Make new contacts
  • Be better informed about doing business in the destination country
  • Gain more insights into, and better understanding of, the culture, business norms, regulations and ecosystems
  • Have a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges in the different industries or sectors
  • Be better equipped to do business in that country or sit on the board of a company registered in that country

Who is eligible to attend?

Places are limited and are open to GCC BDI Members and Fellows as part of their membership benefits.

What is the cost of participating in a study trip?

There will be a fee for the Study Trip, in addition to any travel and accommodation expenses, where applicable.

Upcoming Events

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