Mentorship Programme

This programme encourages a learning culture, where members learn from more experienced Board Directors, allowing them to take ownership of their personal and professional development and improving their leadership skills.


Why join the Mentorship Programme?

As a thriving professional, mentoring is a great way to grow professionally and personally.

The GCC BDI Mentorship Programme will:

  • Help clarify career goals and course of direction. Mentors have a realistic understanding of their respective fields. A conversation with your Mentor can inspire you, help you narrow your focus and maximise your potential. 
  • Give you tailored guidance. Discussions with your Mentor, will help show you perspectives other than your own. Personal guidance given to you will allow you to grow, and open you up to new ideas and paths.
  • Provide you with feedback that allows you to self-reflect, increasing your confidence, self-growth and performance.

Who are the Mentors?

Mentors selected for this programme are of the highest calibre of professionals who have great experience in boardrooms; who demonstrate honesty, integrity, respect and responsibility for stewardship, and who understand how to support individuals in achieving professional goals.

What is the duration of the programme?

The duration of the programme is 6 months. The Mentor and Mentee would be expected to meet a minimum of 90 minutes every month via an online platform or face to face, depending one what is agree with the Mentor.

Individuals eligible to participate in the Mentorship Programme must be either a GCC BDI Member or a Fellow who report to a board or have up to 5 years of board experience. 




Are you looking to leave a legacy by shaping future board leaders to practice and promote the highest form of corporate governance? Mentoring is quickly gaining recognition as one of the fastest ways to develop talent and accelerate leadership potential.

As a Mentor you could gain new perspectives and fresh ideas giving you insights to generational trends as well as being able to share your board experience.

Become a Mentor and leave your footprint! Please see our mentor guide below:


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Mentorship Programme Testimonials

“What a positive experience! The mentoring match was excellent – we both had similar backgrounds and so my mentor was able to offer advice and guidance based on their own experiences and really understood me. My mentor was always fully engaged in our sessions, would push and encourage me and, best of all, listen carefully and hold me accountable. My mentor became my trustworthy supporter and confidant. Thank you GCC BDI for this opportunity – I would recommend it to everyone!”
Aideen Hopkins, GCC BDI Member

“Normally, we find ourselves turning to a family member, closest friends, or trusted colleagues for professional and personal development guidance. After my experience with the Mentorship Programme, I found that being a Mentee expanded my professional network; and provided direct access to professionals willing to share their wisdom and fruitful journey. My Mentor served as a board secretary, committee member and board member and offered me a comprehensive view on how to plan for this journey and what to expect from it. I would recommend other Members to explore the Mentorship Programme and the opportunities it provides to connect with experienced professionals.”
Fotoun Kurdi, GCC BDI Member     

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