Membership Referral Programme

What is the Membership Referral Programme?

Under the Membership Referral Programme, GCC BDI members may receive further reductions on workshops, events or development programmes by referring eligible colleagues, friends, or family to attend or sign up for any of GCC BDI’s workshops, events or development programmes.

How does it work?

  • You must already be a GCC BDI member – Associate, Member or Fellow.
  • Both you and the indivual you wish to refer must attend the same GCC BDI workshop/event/programme in order for you to get the referral discount.
  • Your referral will pay the normal published rate.
  • We must receive the referral booking and payment 5 working days before the workshop.
  • The referred booking must be a new booking and not a person who has already registered.

What discounted rate will I be offered for a referral?

A GCC BDI member would be entitled to the following discounts should he/she refer someone to our workshops/events/programmes. These discounts are given in addition to your membership discount:

Individuals ReferredDiscount Percentage
1 Person3.5%
2 people5%
3 people7.5%
4 people10%
5 people12.5%
6 people15%


This programme is not available to corporates

Corporates can however use the multiple seats purchase discounts which are available to them here.


How can I redeem my discounted rate once I refer someone to GCC BDI’s workshops/events/development programmes?

Once you have signed up to the programme of choice, make sure to:

  • Contact Vusani Ndlovu at and provide him with the name of the individual you wish to refer for the same workshop/event/programme.
  • Once your referral registers and pays for the workshop/event/programme, you will be given the discounted rate.
  • Your referral must register and pay 5 working days before the event to qualify. 

For any further information or inquiries, please contact Vusani Ndlovu at or call +971 4554 7967.