Directors' Register

directors register

What is the GCC BDI Directors' Register?

Independent directors play a vital role on boards in providing independent judgement in all circumstances.

GCC BDI is creating a pool of independent directors and senior executives from cross-sections of industries and professions. This will enable companies to recruit suitable independent directors for their board and enable GCC BDI members to promote themselves as potential independent directors.

Benefits of being on the GCC BDI Directors' Register

The Directors’ Register is a service that GCC BDI has added for its Members and Fellows to enable them to raise their profile when searching for a board opportunity. Your profile will only be visible to the GCC BDI team who will carry out free searches on behalf of companies wishing to appoint an independent director and who may not wish to advertise. This is a matching service and not a vetting service.

This service complements the GCC BDI Board Opportunities service whereby organisations can advertise their board vacancies freely on our website.

Who can be added to the GCC BDI Directors' Register?

Being listed on the GCC BDI Directors Register is an exclusive benefit for GCC BDI Members and Fellows and is free of charge. This service does not apply to Associates. For more information on how to become a Member – click here.

How can I sign up to the GCC BDI Directors' Register?

  1. Sign in to the GCC BDI Online account here using your username and password.
  2. On the home page, under 'My Active Membership' section, click on 'Edit Member Profile'.
  3. Click on 'Update My Member Profile'.
  4. Update your full profile.
  5. You MUST sign up to the Directors' Register service by choosing 'Yes' to this field.
  6. Click 'Save'

If you have any issues signing in to the platform or updating your profile, please email us at

Please note: GCC BDI is not responsible for the number of board vacancies that arise or for which we are asked to conduct a search. Nor is this meant to be a recruitment service. We can only encourage all organisations to appoint independent board directors and make it easier for them to extend their search.

For any inquiries related to the Directors' Register, please contact us via email at or by phone at +971 4 554 7967.