Director Speed Networking

Speed Networking


This is a networking initiative to help members increase their network of business contacts and get exposure to new sectors and markets.
Business networking is the art of building a mutually beneficial relationship with other professionals. Having a strong network can be key to business and career success. Without solid networking opportunities, it is harder to make connections.

This event can help you expand your business circle within a short period of time. During each session, participants will meet virtually to exchange valuable information about their business or themselves as a brand.
With speed networking platform you can also attend using your mobile device too, anywhere at the convenience of any location.

5 Solid Reasons to Attend the Business Networking Event

  • Maximize your time by meeting several people in one brief setting
  • Do more than just pass a card - Network one on one
  • Expand your network and increase your circle of influence
  • Perfect your 60-second pitch
  • Fun and fast paced

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