Why Should I Join?

What are the benefits of becoming a member? 


7 Good Reasons to Join


1. Join the most influential network of senior board directors in the Gulf

With over 1000 alumni members joining over the last 10+ years, (GCC BDI) has today grown to become the leading organisation in the Gulf for boards and directors.

By joining GCC BDI, you become part of this pre-eminent and exclusive, not-for-profit, GCC organisation for boards and directors. Members comprise hand-picked individuals and companies committed to the professional practice of sound corporate governance and directorship in line with global principles, best practices and national regulations.

You will also be recognized worldwide as a member of a professional Institute of Directors when you use the post nominals after your name on your CV and your business card eg A.GCCBDI signifying Associated of GCC Board Directors Institute or M.GCCBDI as a Full Member.


2. Grow your network

By joining our exclusive GCC BDI workshops, dinners, breakfast forums and other events, as well as our dedicated social media groups, you will be able to connect with fellow members and share views and experience. You will also meet top international speakers and guests. Through GCC BDI Membership, you will also have access to the Global Network of Director Institutes Passport, enabling you to network with directors all over the world.


3. Develop your professional skills and knowledge.

As a director or C-suite executive, you have a very important role to play in the development of the economy. This means you need to be constantly up to date with what is going on in the business world and will require support to face the challenges ahead. Being a director or senior officer comes with a high degree of responsibility and accountability. Besides the statutory penalties that can be imposed on directors for wrongful acts, or failing to act, the regulators are making it increasing clear that the directors are responsible for risks throughout the organisation.

Our dedicated training program includes a wide range of offerings – from a one hour presentation to your board or top team to a 1 or 2 day workshop, all eligible for CPD points. GCC BDI members will enjoy priority booking and up to 10% discounts on our normal rates.

Being part of a professional institute of directors will enable you to keep up to date with the regulatory framework and the latest best practices, as well as hear from inspirational business people and global thought leaders. 


4. Access to Information and Guidance

Keep up to date with the latest information on global trends - receive regular information updates and our quarterly Al Majlis Newsletter. GCC BDI members also have access to our free Information and Guidance Services, as well as the Members Only Area on our website which includes an up to date Documentation Centre including the regional regulatory framework and the latest articles on topics of interest.


5. GCC BDI Director Register

In 2018, GCC BDI will be launching its Directors Register for companies to search for independent directors. GCC BDI members may opt to have their name listed on this register as a free service if they are looking for independent board positions.


6. GCC BDI Membership Card

Your membership card will recognise you as an exclusive member of GCC BDI and entitle you to a range of discounts on products and services. For more information, go to the Membership Program section or click here.


7. And last but not least, help us to make a positive impact in the Gulf

GCC BDI's vision, as a not-for-profit organisation, is dedicated to making a positive impact on the economies and societies of the region by promoting professional directorship and raising the level of board effectiveness. We do this by:

        a. Enhancing board member capabilities,

        b. Disseminating high quality board governance knowledge,

        c. Being the leading regional network for board directors, and

        d. Ensuring board governance is higher on the region’s agenda.