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Membership of GCC Board Directors Institute is a testimony to a board member’s dedication to furthering his knowledge and capabilities, and his belief in the value an effective board director brings to an organization.



As a non-profit professional institute for GCC directors founded in 2007, GCC BDI has run over 58 workshops and board evaluations in addition to numerous networking opportunities and four Chairman Summits, now regarded as flagship events among industry boards. With over 970 alumni members, GCC Board Directors Institute (GCC BDI) has reformed its organizational structure to enable the organization to contribute further towards developing effective governance in the region.

As part of the corporate restructuring, GCC BDI has introduced paid alumni and corporate membership programs offering members a wide range of benefits such as special rates on professional workshops, access to information on directors issues and corporate governance, coaching opportunities, invitations to networking events and discounts at luxury lifestyle locations.

The institute is also introducing an Independent Directors Register allowing GCC BDI Alumni and Corporate Members to register as potential independent directors. The profiles on the register will be visible only to GCC BDI staff, who will carry out searches for companies wishing to appoint an independent director.


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Why Should I Join

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