Membership Criteria


The qualifying criteria are as follows:



  • A person interested in the promotion of good corporate governance and over the age of 21 years; and
  • has held the post of Board Director or alternate Board Director or Board Secretary or Senior Executive (C-suite) or Trustee for a minimum of three years; and
  • has been in business for a minimum of seven years; and
  • is a Board Director or Board Secretary or Senior Executive (C-suite) or Trustee in one of the following types of organization:
    • Publicly-listed companies with a market capitalization above $300 million
    • Government-owned with annual revenues above $300 million
    • Privately-owned companies with annual revenues above $300 million
    • Multinationals
    • Sovereign Wealth Funds, other large Investment Funds and Pension Funds
    • Large Not-for-profit organizations with proven track record; and
  • has completed a GCC BDI Director Development Program workshop (open or tailored in-house workshop)

Membership is individual and personal and cannot be transferred. Members are individually responsible for paying their dues.

Associate Members are entitled to use the designation A.GCCBDI after their names.



Only Associate members can upgrade to Full Membership at any time. 

Full Membership membes are entitled to use the designation M.GCCBDI after their names.

Applications must be submitted online.



In addition, GCC BDI may take into consideration requests from other applicants who do not meet the criteria above and will examine whether the applicant has the appropriate experience and background to make him/her eligible as a member. In exercising its judgment in this regard, GCC BDI will consider that membership is bestowed in order to acknowledge significant experience in executing governance duties as well as for those responsible for the strategic direction of the entity.