Directors' Register

Independent directors play a vital role on boards in providing independent judgement in all circumstances.

Codes of corporate governance usually recommend as a fundamental principle that all companies to which the relevant code applies should have independent directors on their boards.

GCC BDI is creating a pool of directors and senior executives from cross-sections of industries and professions this will enable companies to recruit suitable independent directors for their board and GCC BDI Alumni and Corporate Members to promote themselves as potential independent directors availiable to sit on the boards of other organisations.

Being listed on the Register is exclusive to GCC BDI Alumni and Corporate Members and is free of charge. To sign-up to the Register as a prospective independent director, please complete the on-line registration form found here.

Your profile will be visible only to GCC BDI staff, who upon launch of the Register during 2018will carry out searches for companies wishing to appoint an independent director.


For more information, see the website section on Corporate Services or please call GCC BDI on tel  +971 4 554 7967 or email