Code of Conduct



The GCC Board Directors Institute (GCC BDI) has developed this Code of Conduct for its members, but it applies equally to our employees, directors and governors, and it outlines the standards and behaviors that they are expected to uphold. The Code has been approved by the Board and confirms the Institute’s commitment to ethical conduct and the highest standards of honesty and integrity. The Code of Conduct provides a guide to the values, behaviors and ways of working which are core to being a member of the Institute as well as outlining the disciplinary measures to be taken against members whose conduct is unacceptable to the Institute and unbecoming of corporate leaders and executives. 


The Code of Conduct

  • GCC BDI members are expected at all times to act in such a way so as not to bring themselves or the Institute into disrepute, whether in their personal or professional capacity.
  • Adherence to the Code of Conduct is a condition of membership – members are liable to face disciplinary action if, after due process, they are found guilty of misconduct which includes any act likely to bring discredit to the member, the Institute, or the profession.
  • Members are expected to comply with the applicable laws and regulations in the GCC and in those countries in which they may operate.
  • Members are required to uphold the Institute's Membership Rules and Regulations and comply with the provisions.
  • Members are required to conduct themselves in a professional manner with the highest standards of honesty and integrity, exercising diligence, loyalty, reliability, responsiveness and due care in carrying out their duties and responsibilities, with courtesy and consideration towards others.
  • Members should at all times respect the pillars of good corporate governance which are based on the principles of transparency, accountability, fairness and responsibility.
  • Members shall always be cognizant of their responsibilities as professional persons and citizens of the wider community.
  • Members shall at all times safeguard the interests of their employers, colleagues and clients provided that they shall not knowingly be a party to any illegal or unethical activity.
  • Members shall not act in any way which may be in conflict with the legitimate interests of their employer or client or which would prejudice the performance of their professional duties and shall act with sound judgement and with such reasonable care and skill that can be expected of them.
  • In accepting or continuing a professional assignment, a member should always have regard to any factors which might reflect adversely upon their own integrity and objectivity in relation to that assignment.
  • It is the responsibility of every member to understand how to apply this Code of Conduct. If in doubt, members are encouraged to seek guidance.


Breach of the Code of Conduct

In order to protect the Institute’s good name and reputation, GCC BDI may terminate the membership of any member whom it considers breaches this Code.