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GCC Board Directors Institute (GCC BDI) is the pre-eminent regional organization focused on corporate governance and board directors. We have established and lead several first-of-a-kind regional programs aimed at corporate directors including Foundations of Directorship, and Mastering the Boardroom.

GCC BDI has proven capabilities in developing, managing, and delivering high-quality director training programs and board evaluations. Complementing the GCC BDI team, is a strong network of international faculty and partners, leading regional companies, regulators, and other key stakeholders.

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GCC BDI can offer tailored workshops on any of the following topics - the list is not exhaustive, so please contact us for more information:

·       Latest Trends and Best Practices in Corporate Governance

·       The Effective Board Secretary

·       The Effective Director

·       The Future Board

·       Foundations of Directorship

·       Mastering the Boardroom

·       Joint Venture Boards

·       Directors’ Masterclass

·       Corporate Regulatory Framework

·       Legal Insights for directors into key laws and regulations

·       The World of Directorship

·       Strategy and Scenario Planning

·       Risk Management

·       Corporate Finance

·       Board Leadership  

·       Business Ethics and Corporate Culture

·       IT Governance and Cyber Security

·       Sustainability and Integrated Reporting

·       Shareholder Engagement

·       Managing Conflicts of Interest and Related Party Transactions

·       Corporate Governance Assessments


Contact us for more information on

Tel +971 4 554 7967 or email