Corporate Governance Assessments and Scorecards

GCC Board Directors Institute (GCC BDI) has a team of local, regional and international consultants who can help you.

GCC BDI’s Corporate Governance Assessment is based not only on compliance with local laws and regulations, as well as the codes of corporate governance, but also looks at international best practices and OECD principles. Corporate Governance Assessments are an important tool in promoting good corporate governance. For more information contact us on tel +971 4554 7967 or email


The key areas of focus for the assessment are:

·       Commitment to good corporate governance;

·       Board practices;

·       Control environment and processes;

·       Transparency and disclosure; and

·       Shareholders rights.


The ultimate purpose of the assessment is to identify the nature and extent of specific strengths and weaknesses in corporate governance in the organization. It is a primarily a qualitative assessment, although the methodology may take into account certain quantitative measures, and cannot be reduced to a quantitative score or set of quantitative scores. The aim is to enable the organization to identify how to improve its corporate governance. The assessment involves examining therefore both implementation and enforcement issues.

All Corporate Governance Assessments are tailor made according to the client, the size of their organization and structure, as well as their sector of activity.

We have a range of consultants to undertake these assessments according to your particular needs. Strict confidentiality is maintained at all times and if necessary a separate confidentiality agreement can be signed.

For more information, please contact us on Tel +971 4554 7967 or email